Friday, January 13, 2012

Shopping in Gangnam

During last decades South Korea has become a well known country for its beautiful cultural heritage which was saved and restored by passionate efforts of Korean nation. Millions of tourists are coming here annually to see the sights of the country, feel the mysterious energy and exiting atmosphere of Asia.
However, people from all over the world visit Korea not only because of numerous tourist attractions. Without exaggeration, Seoul can be called one of the fashion capitals in Asia – fashion trends originated in Korea spread up all over Asia; people from neighboring countries arrive here for shopping, new ideas in design and fashion industry. If Seoul can be called the capital of fashion, Gangnam is becoming a heart of it beating with thousands of shopping malls, boutiques, fashion galleries and shows.
What can you expect from shopping in Gangnam? One of the most popular areas here for shopping is called Rodeo Street – a real heaven for all lovers of shopping! In contrast to Myundgdong and Dongdaemun which is specializing in simple casual clothes, this area combines all ranges of fashion concepts. For example, in famous Galleria shopping mall you can find luxury and avant-garde designer’s boutiques together with popular casual brands under one roof.
 Shopping in Rodeo Street will leave an unforgettable positive impression on all visitors and even if you do not like shopping you will feel something attracting you here again and again. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

RT M countdown

Бесплатный канал на Ютюб о корейской программе  M countdown
Концерты, интервью со звездами...
Каждую среду новый выпуск

Thursday, September 1, 2011

2NE1tv 2nd Event - "Make your 2NE1tv"

2NE1tv 2nd Event - "Make your 2NE1tv"

Do you like 2NE1tv? Here is 2NE1tv global event vol 2! 
Pick your favorite 2NE1 member and dentity yourself by mimicing them! 
You can choose one scene from below!The best 21 pictures can win the original 2NE1tv Beats by Dr. Dre Headphone. 

How to participate
Write <2NE1tv> on a board in your own language.
Ex. Spanish "VentiunoTV", Korean "
투애니원티비", English "2NE1tv" etc.
Choose your favorite member's pose from above and take a picture of yourself.
Post your picture & simple self-introduction on our facebook wall

Visit our facebook page and tap where it says 'Photo',and you will see photos from other people.

22nd August ~ 4th September

Winners to be announced 
13th September on Mnet facebook page
2NE1tv Beats Headphones are sponsored by Beats by Dr. Dre (

For more info, visit

On Air : Every Tue 6pm(KST)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mcountdown Global Crew!

<Mcountdown Global Crew Wanted>
If you love K-POP ? Join us !
Mcountdown is seeking Global Crew who are passionate K-pop fans
from all across the world.

*What is Mcountdown Global Crew?
: No.1 K-pop Chart Show <Mcountdown>
- Global Crews are those who will participate to rank K-pop stars in Mcountdown and also be part of globalization of K-pop

Желаю всем заинтересованным побыстрее зарегистрироваться, сегодня последний день:)

*URL for application 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Trip to GangwonDo in June

Some photos from our class field-trip to Gangwon-do.
Sea was still too cold to swim, but it didn't stop us just to come in for a little bit)

it is called 경포해수욕장

In a restaurant near beach
Then, we visited 양떼목장

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Preparation for flooding during the rainy season - 장마철!

The rainy season (Jang-ma) in Korea begins in June and continues through early July. During this season, sometimes flood happens together. Those who live in flood areas should prepare in advance to minimize damage from it. 

1. Before Flooding
     - Prepare for sandbag or tube to keep rivers from overflowing and divert flood water in a flood-prone area.
     - Listen for flood warning and news updated.
     - Make sure the elderly or infirm are taken care of.
     - In case of water pollution, prepare for drinking water in advance.
     - Check out the drain in a house and the overflow around a house in advance.
     - Be aware of an emergency evacuation plan and emergency contacts in advance.
     - Be aware of first aid procedures and prepare essential medicines in advance.
     - Prepare disaster supplies in advance.
          ; Purchase emergency food and water, self powered flashlights in case. 
     - Place objects on a safe place to keep them from flood water.

2. During Flooding
     - Listen to the local radio for up to date information.
     - Do not drive on unknown roads where water is over the road.
     - If you are driving, stay away from storm drains and irrigation ditches. 
     - If your car won’t start and water is rising, leave the vehicle and find higher ground.
     - If you see a flood coming, evacuate soon as possible to higher ground.
           - Replace belongings into a house from outside of it. 
           - Turn off all utilities. 
           - In case running water is polluted, receives water in advance.
     - Turn off the power, water and gas before leaving.
     - Call 119 or city, country, district officials or Korea Electric Power Corporation if power transmission tower is
     - Get in a building or a lower place to evacuate from thunder or lightening.
     - Stay away from landslide or slope.
     - Stay away from fast currents and drains, culverts.
     - Stay away from streetlights, traffic lights and high-tension wire.
     - Stay away from a construction area.
     - Close windows and building gates.

3. After the Flood
     - Avoid flooded areas.
     - When water is draining away, move away from water in case of pollution with oil or wastewater. 
     - Clean up your body using soap if you are wet from flood water.
     - Call city, country, district officials or dong-office if water and sewage is broken or embankment/ road are gone.